Philippines – top destination to study MBBS for Indian Students

The Philippines, also renowned as the Republic of Philippines is situated in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. Its capital, Manila, is familiar for its waterfront and centuries-old Chinatown. The Philippines were a colony of America for nearly 50 years and thus the nation reflects the USA based education system.

MBBS Education in the Philippines

The medical courses in the Philippines are similar to Commonwealth countries. The Philippines is now recognized for offering a high-quality education in streams comprising MBB, MD, and other courses. The optimum level of practical medical sessions and exceedingly experienced teaching staff in Medical institutes of Philippines has received noteworthy reputation around the globe.

The well-established infrastructure of the medical colleges, the comprehensive curriculum, and the environment in the Philippines institutes makes it a preferred location for MBBS in Philippines for Indian students and other international students. Also, the cost of the complete MBBS education program in the Philippines is much lower as compared to the other countries.

The medical universities are accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). The medium of teaching is English solves the foremost barrier of language for students across the globe. Research says that the students who have done MBBS and MD courses from the Philippines are acknowledged to have a complete success rate, in the area underneath USMLE.

Why MBBS in Philippines as a destination?

One of the key advantages of an Indian student studying in the Philippines is its similarity in the climate. Philippines climate varies between 23 °C to 32 °C right through the year, which is very identical to the Indian climate. The other plus of the almost same climate is people, having the matching pattern of diseases which supports the Indian students when they further practice in India.

The Philippines provided superior quality education with a safer environment to the global students. There is no any donation requisite to enrol in Philippines medical college, as compared to the Indian medical colleges. The expenses are also comparably lower to other European countries. The international recognization helps the students to easily get a job in any of the parts of the world.

Excellent flight connectivity from India put forward trouble-free commutation right through the year. Philippines embassy is incredibly liberal; this makes it straightforward to obtain a student visa and fast dealing out of documentation.

How Education Quality is Superior

The students are provided more hands-on practical clinical rounds and training sessions as compared to more theoretical based education especially in countries like India. The students from India are made competent to clear MCI screening exams after they complete their MBBS degree from the best medical colleges in the Philippines.

The language of medical education being English makes students feel more comfortable as they come from different parts of the world to get their degrees. The overall infrastructure of the Philippines medical universities is much more advanced regarding workforce, learning equipment, and types of technology used.

Moving Forward

There are several other reasons that have persuaded students to prefer the Philippines and amongst them are good campus facilities, food, accommodation, furnished rooms, Wi-Fi provisions which makes it more likable to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students. You can register at Just for Education in regards to a free counselling session for both parents and students to analyse the best career options.